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Convert your PNG images to the GIF format, ideal for animations or simpler graphics with fewer colors. Take advantage of the smaller file size and compatibility across multiple platforms.
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How to convert PNG to GIF

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Download the new GIF that was converted from your original PNG image.

Smooth PNG to GIF Transition

Our tool is specifically designed to convert PNG files to GIF seamlessly. Keep the integrity of your visuals while transitioning to a different format.

Retain Image Clarity

While GIFs are often more limited in color depth than PNGs, our conversion tool ensures the highest possible quality, keeping your image clear and vibrant.

Quick Conversion Process

Get your GIFs in no time! Our online converter works efficiently, giving you results without making you wait.

Unlimited Conversions

Why restrict yourself? Convert as many PNGs to GIFs as you need without any limitations.

User-Centric Design

Our interface is designed with users in mind, ensuring a hassle-free conversion experience.

Privacy Guaranteed

All uploaded files are encrypted and deleted shortly after conversion. Your data is always protected.

Accessible from Any Device

Whether you’re on a PC, tablet, or mobile device, our PNG to GIF converter is available anywhere with an internet connection.

No Registration Necessary

Jump straight into converting! No need to waste time signing up or logging in.

No Additional Downloads Needed

Our tool operates entirely online, freeing you from the hassle of downloading additional software or apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

GIF is a widely supported format ideal for simpler graphics, animations, and images with fewer colors. GIFs can also have smaller file sizes than PNGs, making them more efficient for certain applications like web animations.

GIFs support up to 256 colors, while PNGs can support millions. This means there might be a reduction in color depth when converting from PNG to GIF. However, our tool is designed to retain the best quality possible within the GIF format’s limitations.

Our PNG to GIF converter is swift, typically completing conversions in a few seconds. However, the exact time can vary based on the file size and internet connection speed.