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Transform your HEIC images, Apple's native image format, into universally accepted PDF documents. Our HEIC to PDF converter ensures that your images are presented in high-quality PDF format, making them easily shareable, printable, and compatible across all platforms.
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How to convert HEIC images to PDF

Upload your image

Select the “Upload your image” button or easily drag and drop your files into the section.

Download your image

Download the new that was converted from your original image.

High-Quality PDF Outputs

Every HEIC image you convert results in a top-quality PDF document, ensuring your photos and graphics are presented at their best.

Data Privacy Guaranteed

We prioritize your data's security. Your HEIC images remain confidential throughout the conversion process.

Instant PDF Downloads

After converting your HEIC to PDF, you can directly download the document, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

Always Available, Everywhere

Our online HEIC to PDF converter is accessible 24/7, from any device. Making the conversion has never been more convenient.

PDF: A Format for All Platforms

PDFs are recognized globally and are compatible across all devices. Convert your HEIC images to PDF for universal accessibility.

True-to-Source Conversion

Our tool ensures that the quality and details of your original HEIC image are retained when converted to PDF.

Swift HEIC to PDF Conversions

Our converter is optimized for speed, ensuring your HEIC images are transformed into PDFs in a flash.

Dedicated HEIC Support

Designed specifically for HEIC images, our tool offers specialized conversion to ensure the best results for your Apple photos.

From Apple to Universal

HEIC is Apple's native image format. With our tool, you can make these images universally viewable by converting them to PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

HEIC is the image format used by Apple devices, known for its high-quality compression. However, it's not universally supported. Converting HEIC to PDF allows for broader compatibility, making it easier to share, view, and print your images on any platform or device.

Our HEIC to PDF converter is optimized to retain the quality of your original image. While PDF is a different format, we ensure that the clarity and details of your HEIC images are maintained in the resulting PDF document.

When converting from HEIC to PDF, our tool primarily focuses on the main image content. Features like depth maps or multiple embedded images within a single HEIC file are not typically transferred to the PDF. The conversion will produce a PDF with the primary image from the HEIC file, ensuring it's presented in the best possible quality.